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Anirban Patra

Hero Honda

Been with Corps for over 18 months and have found them to be supportive and helpful. Lots of support from management and the site I work on is a big site with great teams and breaks.

Suresh Kumar Singh


When dealing with The Security Company it was for the main reason to have a complete packing of monitoring, security consulting, and installation. I highly recommend using this company for home or business owners who want a no-nonsense approach to security.

Sunil Parekh


Kumar security was the biggest known company among the different companies in India. They use to do most of the events festivals for us. High standard company.

Rahul Das


Good company to work for. Advancement opportunities can be limited. Management caring and understand and are an open door management team. The is opportunity for employee input in to the way the company is run and the direction they are headed in.

Rajat Mishra


Pretty cool service, the guards seem better than usual run of the mill scrubs that most places hire. I barely had to give him any instructions at all and yet he still knew what to do -- clearly due to a good deal of prior experience.